Services in Procurement

On February 12th, Scarlet Wu, spoke to our members on her experience working at Accenture.  She graduated from Temple University with a degree in Supply Chain Management and a minor in Management Information Systems.  Since graduating, she has been working as a Procurement Operations Associate at Accenture, where she is responsible for processing and approving various parts of the procurement process.  

Working at Accenture has given her the opportunity to focus on client-based work where she is continuously aiding her clients on how to work the platforms and fix any problem areas. She is in the operations department, so her focus deals with procurement. With this in mind, Scarlet has to have a flexible schedule where she can accommodate her clients. Since most of her work is on the computer, she has the opportunity to work from home as long as she gets her work done. Accenture gives their employees freedom when it comes to working from home and giving them the space to do so. It is truly a comfortable workplace. 

Accenture focuses on five different services to their clients. It covers areas like Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology, and Operations. Accenture prides themselves in their range of services and their focus on high-performing platforms. For example, Accenture Strategy helps clients achieve specific business outcomes by defining and executing industry-specific strategies. Issues related to digital disruption, competitive agility and new business models are all areas covered by Accenture. 

Are you given the opportunity to travel with Accenture?

It is very possible to travel overseas. Most higher-up managers would get the opportunity to travel and represent the company. As said by Scarlet, “ Since I work in the operations department, I travel a lot less than most”. Through this company, she has been given the opportunity to talk to a lot of companies in food/drink and pharmaceutical fortune 500 companies. 

Does Accenture give you opportunities to meet your colleagues outside of work?

Scarlet: “Yes, Accenture has multiple committees that cover different areas of volunteering, self care, and professional development”. Accenture has focus-based groups, employees can join to meet more people and give back to their community. These committees focus on community service, employee activities like ‘Bagel Wednesday’, health and wellness classes like yoga, cooking and kickboxing.