August 16, 2018



Join the IBA Community

When you join IBA, you gain more than just a spot on your resumé. Aside from General Body Meetings, our organization hosts different types of events for our members to enjoy.
Events can be categorized into four main groups: Professional Development, Philanthropic, Social, or Special Events. 


Professional Development events include: Workshops, CSPD guidance, LinkedIn photoshoots, networking events, and more!
Philanthropic events include any of the volunteering opportunities that are given (block clean ups, donation collections, bake sales, soup kitchen, dog toy making, etc.) in addition to working with our philanthropies: KIVA, Ronald McDonald House, Grace Café, Relay for Life, and The Pulsera Project!
Social events include: International Dinners, Weekly Luncheons, trips to nearby cultural events (Mexican Independence Day Festival, YèShì Chinatown Night Market, etc.), visiting museums, attending sports events, going ice skating, and more!
Special events include: The IBA Networking Reception, Fall Connection, the IBA Yearly Trip (ex: Washington D.C., New York City, Baltimore), and more!


These events are a great way to make friends and useful connections! Through any and all of these events, members are able to meet like-minded individuals while getting involved, eating food, learning, and just having a good time. As a bonus to coming out and participating, members also have the opportunity to earn membership points!
The membership points system can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the corresponding director:


Ivanna Calle, Director of Professional Development -

 Margaret Walters, Director of Philanthropy -

Taylor Goodheart, Director of Events -

Elizabeth Hua, Vice President of Operations -

Julia Rygula, President -