An international business degree set me up for a really rounded education – Thomas Sternberg

Thomas Sternberg graduated from Temple with a BBA in International Business Administration and a minor in Spanish, while enrolled he was an owl ambassador, an owl team leader, and on the Division 1 Track & Field team, he also interned for the International Trade Department. Initially choosing Temple because of the impressive International Business program and its language requirements, according to him “an international business degree set me up for a really rounded education.” He knew he wanted to go into law and took the LSAT his senior year. He’s now been practicing law in Florida for the past two years.

Q: After moving from Philadelphia to Florida for law school, do you have advice on making big transitions?

A: Coming from a family with over 16 degrees from Temple, Thomas felt he wanted a change and Florida with its Spanish prevalence seemed like a good place to go to. Something that kept him more secure about the move however was knowing he was going into a school and would have a support system there.

Q: How did International Business prepare you for law school?

A: He didn’t learn the laws of Florida in his IB capstone but he likes to consider what he learned in undergrad, not as different but supplemental. International business provided him with the most well-rounded degree he thought he could get at Temple. Even now as a lawyer, his business knowledge gives him an edge over other lawyers with different backgrounds.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for students who might be thinking about law as a career?

A: The different types of students Thomas saw while in school were divided between those who enrolled right after undergrad and those who enrolled after working for a few years. He noticed that students who took a break had an easier time transitioning out of school again, unlike the other group. While he doesn’t believe one choice is better than the other, they both have pros and cons to them.