It Was Never Just About a Coffee Company – Nick Bayer

Nick Bayer is the founder and CEO of Saxbys Coffee, a Philadelphia-based social impact and coffee company. From humble beginnings as the son of teenage parents, Nick was the first in his family to graduate college. Graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science, Government, and Economics he went on to found Saxbys in Read more about It Was Never Just About a Coffee Company – Nick Bayer[…]

Nobody Knows You Don’t Know Anyone – Lauren Swartz

Lauren Swartz is the recently appointed CEO of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. With “Democracy Demands Discourse,” as their motto, the council was created during the cold war in an effort to promote democracy in a non-partisan way. Even though the cold war has ended decades ago, it once again looks like democracy and Read more about Nobody Knows You Don’t Know Anyone – Lauren Swartz[…]

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Detours!

Martin Miliev received a BA and MBA in International Business from Western Washington University and the University of Tampa, respectively. He chose to focus on international business because of globalization and the fact that he was an international student in the US and already spoke several languages which gave him on edge on other people Read more about Don’t Be Afraid to Take Detours![…]

International Business & Taxes

Alexander Jones went to school in the Philadelphia region, he joined LaSalle University’s leadership and global immersion program while enrolled and currently works for the world largest automotive distributor and retailer,¬†Inchape PLC which operates on 5 continents.¬†He has worked in Chili and has been in Argentina since March 2020. As an exit himself, Alex talked Read more about International Business & Taxes[…]