Dave Schoch: Former CFO and President of Ford Asia Pacific/Ford China

IBA was fortunate enough to welcome David Schoch (pronounced “shock”), an experienced former executive member of Ford Asia Pacific and Ford China. Mr. Schoch is a Fox alumni who currently serves on Temple University’s Dean Council and is on the committee overseeing the school’s new strategic plan. He has worked in nearly every continent and has had life-changing experiences at each location. Here’s a breakdown of his journey:

  • Mr. Schoch earned his Masters in Finance at Temple.
  • Out of graduation, he started his career at a Ford auto plant (somewhere he did not expect to work at).
  • After 10 years of building his financial knowledge, strengthening his work experience, proving his dedication, and dropping plentiful hints about his interest working abroad, Mr. Schoch was asked to work in Finance Product Management in the U.K.
  • 4 years passed before Mr. Schoch and his family moved to Brazil to build the company’s joint-venture.
  • The next project was a joint-venture in South Africa, where the directions were to either “fix it or close it”.
  • Next stop?  The CFO of Asia Pacific, during Ford’s infancy phase of entering China
  • After years of travelling from country to country, Mr. Schoch noted that with each move he was pushed beyond his comfort zone. It was scary. But he also saw it as an opportunity to do something he never had before and those years living in a different culture and lifestyle turned out to be amazing.
  • Mr. Schoch points out that travelling this often for extended periods of time is not for everyone. He has colleagues who really struggled to adapt to the change and others who would do it all over again. When making the decision to work abroad, it’s important to consider what your needs are, the changes that will have to take place, and what you are willing to sacrifice.

His advice?

Be bold and confident. Think big for your career. Get out of your comfort zone. You’re gonna make mistakes but that’s okay. What’s important is that you learn from them.

David Schoch