Don’t Be Afraid to Take Detours!

Martin Miliev received a BA and MBA in International Business from Western Washington University and the University of Tampa, respectively. He chose to focus on international business because of globalization and the fact that he was an international student in the US and already spoke several languages which gave him on edge on other people in the field. Since 2014 he’s been working for Publicis Groupe Bulgaria which is the third-largest company in its field. They mainly service other companies in the UK, France, and Germany but acquired the American company Epsilon in 2019.

As Head of the Social Media Intelligence Unit, his job consists of social listening for their customers’ customers, gathering up information, and a lot of crisis monitoring, in case somethings go wrong with some customers. Some of the work is automated but humans are still required for tasks AI isn’t equipped yet for.

As a Bulgarian national, Martin has seen a considerable increase in English proficiency in his country. With university education becoming almost free within the EU, a lot of young people now choose to study in Germany and the Netherlands, creating a new generation of multilingual abroad educated Bulgarians.”You can get skills in college but when applying for jobs, businesses also care about your experiences,” he told the audience. His advice was to learn to work with data as it can make you useful and sought out everywhere you go.

Another one of his advise to students is to read “The 100 Year Life, Living and Working in an Age of Longevity,” a guide on how to live a fulfilling and long life with advice on what to do with your finances, your education, your career, and your relationships to succeed in creating that life. He also acknowledges that career paths have been changing and everyone needs to get accommodated to that, people don’t always end up working in the field they studied in school. What’s important is to get experience when you can so don’t be afraid to take detours! Look for opportunities, volunteer, or find a side gig if you need to but just keep going.