IB Career Exploration – Employer Roundtable

The event was packed with students eager to hear from this semester's speakers: Global Lead & Internship Experience Christine Archer from SAP, Security Director David Ickes from International SOS, Recruiting Manager Rich Lucas from Samuel Shapiro & Co., and Senior International Trade Specialist Iris Kapo from the U.S. Commercial Service.

The speakers touched on working internationally and what it takes to succeed on a global scale in a global company. Here are some key points on growing and reaching your full potential:

  • David Ickes specified that the company looks for those that can comfortably speak more than one language. It will always be a plus.
  • Advice: be open to learning and putting in the effort to learn a language or skill. A lot of companies offer programs where the employee can improve their language proficiencies.
  • Learning the language is just one step, though. Learn about the culture, be open, and try to connect with others. Your success depends on how you manage non-verbal tactics and it can really make or break your connection with another company.
  • Get involved and put yourself out there, because that's how you'll find your passion. How? Study abroad, join SPO's, take International Business classes.

"It will all fall into place when you know what you're interested in."

- Iris Kapo, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Trade Service