Fox IB Student to Corporate Web Editor

Vertex builds tax automation software for businesses. Here are some of the companies that Vertex serves.












On October 9, Liz Jones, a recent International Business graduate returned to share her journey with students who are wandering down a similar path. Liz graduated from Fox in 2017 with a double major in IB and French. At first, she was unsure of what career she wanted to pursue and started in STEM. Soon, she realized she had no interest in STEM and wanted to try other things.

Liz went on to study abroad in France at the American Business School in Paris and then in Bora Bora as an au pair. She also interned at a technology group at Temple. After these experiences, Liz attended Fall Connection (woohoo!) where she met Vertex. She was intimidated by all the young professionals and big name companies, but Vertex stood out because of their bubbly, friendly atmosphere. She applied to and got accepted in their Vertex Advance Program, a post-grad rotational program that let her work in several departments within the organization. During this program, Liz networked with people in many departments and eventually was asked to assist someone in the web department with a project.

Now, Liz is the Web Editor for Vertex; she and a colleague create all the content that goes on their website. Her role is to ensure blog posts are synced with the brand name and voice, important events are broadcasted, and all the content aligns with their international team. Liz works closely with the team in London and is current building a project with Vertex’s web developers to construct “micro-sites” with pages that have content specialized for international markets, such as Germany and France.

BIG TAKEAWAY: Liz emphasizes to soak in all you can from your IB classes. Take your understanding of the IB studies, cultural interests, information, and global mindset to accommodate and work with international groups. That’s what Liz did when the company hosted a training session in the U.S. that also invited the London team. The U.S. time the training was being hosted was in the middle of the night by London time, however. Liz took this into consideration and woke up super early to hold a training session that worked for the international team. The detailed understanding of cultures is an invaluable skill set for a company.