June 1, 2018



There are several reasons to join Temple University's International Business Association: whether you are looking to become involved with a Student Professional Organization, have a desire to increase interaction with current peers and future fellow employees, or are simply looking to further your potential, this is the place. IBA continually strives to provide the most necessary of resources to its members, helping them build resumes, obtain new and insightful views of the international business world, and truly embrace their abilities. IBA is open to all Temple University students. Below are just some other benefits of joining:
Professional & Career Development

Seek your full potential.

Networking Opportunities

Including Weekly Speakers, IBA Peers, Students, Faculty, and IBA Alumni.

Participation in Events

Opportunities to participate in socials, fundraisers, community service activities, business programs, and etc.

Gain Insight

Keep up to date on where the International Business world is headed after graduation so that you can take your degree to where it will be most successful.

Resume Builder

IBA will make a striking addition to your resume.


You have two membership options when joining IBA if you register before the deadlines:

Full Academic Year

Deadline for Full Year: 9/30/18


Deadline for Fall 2018 Semester: 9/30/18

Deadline for Spring 2018 Semester: 2/1/19

If you register after the deadlines...

Full Academic Year Price = $80

Semester Price = $60


To learn more about how the dues system works and what exactly your money will be going toward, click here.


If you have any questions about dues or payment, please contact our Vice President of Operations & Finance.

Tyler Welch



We accept:


(with a $2 service fee)


Joining IBA is easy! Hand in your completed IBA Member Registration Form and dues to any of the officers in the IBA office, Alter Hall Room 503A. Please remember to include payment!

If you have any questions about joining IBA, please contact our Director of Membership.

Julia Rygula