July 26, 2019

Shadow Program

Shadow Program

Interested in developing strong skills and getting leadership experience with IBA? Join our shadow program to learn first hand from our officers how we plan, organize, and lead a student professional organization!

Build Your Resume

Work alongside IBA's executive board members to learn the behind-the-scenes operation of our organization. Whether it's supporting our Director of Marketing with social media strategies or planning our next big event with the entire team, you'll gain valuable experiences to talk about.


As a shadow, not only will you get to know our officers but you'll also get to connect with Dr. Bertrand Guillotin and other IB professors who can guide and mentor you. Developing connections is a key part of building your professional career, and this is the perfect place to start!

Future Success

By working closely with our executive board, you'll have advantageous knowledge about our day-to-day operations and what skills are necessary to support our SPO. Having gained that experience, you'll have a better chance of taking on a leadership position with us through your work.
The Shadow Program is open to members only. This program is a stepping stone to leadership with IBA. If you are interested in being an officer, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you apply. Shadows will be involved in a rotational and/or individualized program in which they work closely with officers to lead the organization. Please note members with higher involvement will be given preference, so please check your membership points on our website before applying.
All applications are due no later than 3pm on November 9th. Applications must be printed and brought to the IBA office in 503A.


If you have any questions regarding the shadow program, please contact our President.

Julia Rygula