Incorporating Authenticity into a Career

On Wednesday, January 29, Madden Osei, a Program Manager at Microsoft, spoke to our members. Mr. Osei manages a team of five computer engineers to successfully carry out projects through communication and organizational skills. This means he has to make sure the team produces the most effective work while generating high profits for the company. Mr. Osei went to school at Duke University and studied computer and electrical engineering. Through summers of internship experience, he realized he wanted to enter the business world and use his background of engineering and consulting in pursuit of a career. 

What is it like to work for Microsoft? Company culture?

Madden Osei is a program manager, managing a team of five engineers in the pursuit of result-driven projects. Mr.Osei has enjoyed his time as a program manager due to the versatility it brings. Responsibilities like project planning and the design of products are all areas he covers as a manager. He works closely with cloud computing — with the goal in mind to make services more alive for consumers by consistently up-keeping it. The company culture at Microsoft can be defined as ‘laidback’. Mr. Osei can choose to wear what he desires, while keeping in mind the quality of work he will produce. He wore a hoodie and sweatpants when he spoke at our GBM! Microsoft gives their employees the opportunity to express themselves in any fashion. They are more concerned with high-producing teams and results. 

Any advice when it comes to internships?

Madden: “The best thing you can do is apply to every single thing with various positions. It’s important to reach out and use people to network and persist! You aren’t too young! The worst thing people can say is no!”

How did you differentiate yourself to get to your success?

Madden: “Be authentic with the way you pursue things”. He constantly tried to pursue the things that interested him. When looking at his resume, he wanted to focus on three or four things that he was truly committed to doing instead of nine or ten. He was genuine and passionate and put his all into those few things. He was passionate about engineering and studied what he liked. By the end of school, he knew he wanted to use his passion for engineering and business together. He branded himself in an authentic way and persisted. 

What skills are good to have for Microsoft?

Knowing different types of computer languages and having the drive to want to learn is important. Mr. Madden spends most of his day communicating with his engineers and evaluating progress they have made as a team. If needed, he brings in experts to help push their project forward. As program manager, the shift in focus and continuous motivation is part of the responsibility when handling a team of five. Microsoft wants to see leaders with the drive to want to learn and work hard. Organizational/communicational skills and the willingness to learn more languages and tech skills will set you apart when applying to jobs at Microsoft.