“Internships are designed to show you what you don’t want to do” – Rachael Pignotti

On January 27th 2021, Rachael Pignotti addressed IBA members in our second virtual meeting of the spring 2021 semester. She graduated from Fox school of business in 2011 and is currently Senior Commercial Manager of e- commerce at Elsevier, an Amsterdam based medical publisher. During her time at Temple, she went from triple majoring to simply double majoring in international business and marketing management. She also completed an italian minor at Temple’s Rome campus while studying abroad.

She let us know that she didn’t get to use her international business degree right out of school, however, she first employed at a Lincoln Financial job rotation program where she could go through two to three roles. There she started in marketing and quickly got promoted in the company. After some time she moved to a different marketing position at Elsevier this time, where she still works now. Elsevier is the world’s largest medical publisher and there she eventually became manager of e-commerce. In that position she found herself recalling things she learned at Temple ten years earlier in the IB program.

Later on in the meeting, when asked what are her day to day activities, Rachael revealed that she’s a little split during her days. A lot of it consists of working with an Indian information team, desk meetings and sometimes translating. E-commerce being such a wide scope, Elsevier was inevitably going to have to deal with today’s e-commerce megacorporation, Amazon. The way they handled it was to not fight but partner with Amazon, this move likely saved the company precious capital it could invest in something other than competing with the everything store. Elsevier matches prices with Amazon on most books to stay relevant but keep certain books for themselves to sell.

Before leaving she let us know what she learned from her internships while in school. “Internships are designed to show you what you don’t want to do,” she said, she advised students to use them to find that out as soon as possible bu also to learn communication, strategy and time control. Her last tip before leaving was to “enjoy your time more and have fun while in college. As soon as you can get back to campus!”