LinkedIn Mini Guide

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin AKA Dr. G walked us through tips and tricks for using LinkedIn at this past Wednesday’s GBM. Dr. G first made his LinkedIn when he was teaching at Duke University and wanted to stay connected with his students. Of course, when he just started out, he had 0 connections. Now he has 6,500… How’d he do it?! Here are some tips from Dr. G and our executive board members:

  • Connect with your friends and family members! When you’re just starting out, by connecting with those you know LinkedIn’s algorithm will discover other people you may (or may not) know and suggest them to you. This is where the growth in your network begins. Connect with relevant suggestions from there on. It’s only up from here!
  • Once you’ve got those connections, like and comment on posts! Just like Facebook or Instagram, you want to be active and participate. But remember, this is a professional network. So be positive but professional.
  • Share articles you read! Whether it’s the latest news in the business world or just something you found interesting or helpful, like “Top 10 Interview Tips”, spread the word. Sharing is caring.
  • Reach out to colleagues and professors who can endorse your skills. If you have experience with Photoshop or strong Excel skills from class, reach out to your supervisor from your internship or to a professor. It helps to display the strong skills you have, especially because LinkedIn is one of the first places an employer will try to learn more about you.
  • Join professional groups relevant to your major and interests. If you’re interested in marketing, join the marketing group! Groups are where people share advice, articles, and other important information related to the subject. Once you join, be active and participate in discussions or ask questions. Professionals in this group are open to a dialogue and helping out. They could become future connections, too!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: BE PATIENT! Making a lot of connections (and meaningful ones) does not happen over night. Be active and follow the previously mentioned activities one day at a time. You’ll see the results.