Member Testimonies

"Thanks to the shadow program, it helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and try new things I would have never thought I could do. (ie. becoming president) The people and experiences I've come across thanks to IBA will last a lifetime."


Federico Zanellotti

Junior, IBA President

"I joined IBA to meet other IB majors and further my understanding of the global business world. I gained knowledge of the importance of networking and taking advantage of any opportunities I come across in the future, even if they do not relate to my field of study. I would recommend this club to all FOX majors because it gives you a chance to network weekly with guest speakers and obtain real-world insight on how to be successful in a business career. Something that has stuck with me is to always remember to be patient, but driven, in terms of where I want to take my own future career."

Olivia Tate

Junior, IBA Shadow

"IBA job exploration events have helped me make professional connections and explore new career paths. I’ve gained networking skills from attending IBA events that I know will be useful long after graduation! I’m super excited to see where the IBA takes me next."

Hannah K Seeley

Sophomore, IBA Shadow

"I joined IBA my freshman year to connect with people in my major, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. The information and advice learned as well as the experiences and events that the IBA has provided have been invaluable, and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in International Business."

Luke Morgan

Sophomore, IBA Shadow

"I first joined IBA to understand what career paths I could take being an International Business major, but I got so much more in return. This club brought me network opportunities with professionals in different fields and stages of their careers, as well as connections with other students. I recommend IBA to everyone, especially Fox Students."

Carolina Oliveira Braga

Junior, IBA Shadow

"I Joined IBA to meet and interact with other people that share my major. Through IBA I get the chase to listen to professionals in the field I'm interested in. Along the way, I can make sure I'm on track to become a smart and well-rounded international businessman. In IBA you get a chance to not just listen to the speakers, but to interact with them and ask them questions. The knowledge that I have gained from the IBA speakers is very useful and helpful. This is why I joined the International Business Association.” "

Aubrey Crowder

Freshman, IBA Shadow

"I am thankful for joining IBA because of the value it has been able to provide me with. With weekly speakers, I have been able to gain insight into international business that will help me move forward in my professional development. The shadow program also allows me to get more involved and make connections within the organization. I recommend IBA to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of international business."

Arielle Lear

Sophomore, IBA Shadow

"Originally I joined IBA as an extension to my international business major; thinking that I would just learn about global business policies and careers that I could pursue after college. I was really happy to find that IBA was so much more than that! Not only have I had the opportunity to learn about different career paths, but I have also been able to network with professionals in numerous industries. In addition, IBA has also given me ability to connect with other students, which I have been very grateful for, especially during the pandemic."

Sydney Herrera 

Sophomore, IBA Shadow