“It’s not about being comfortable, it’s about being exposed.” – Michael Ford

Michael Ford is the Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, for BDP International. Ford has worked at BDP international for 41 years. He is a melting pot of knowledge, that is constantly overflowing with international affairs information. Michael Ford takes great pride in not only his prestigious job, but his teaching career at St Joseph’s University. He spends a great deal of time teaching his students how to become better international business students. One of the key takeaways that he would like to share with his students is, “you can Learn to become patient with any culture through new experiences.”
Michael Ford is Philly made. He fell in love with Temple University and so did his family. Ford is a Temple grad along with his wife and son. He’s been teaching at St Joseph’s University for over 20 years and occasionally gives lectures at the Fox school of business. Ford’s key focus now in life, is to teach the next generation great business techniques with an international mindset.

Question: Was there ever a time where you wanted to switch job professions? Why did you work in BDP for so long?

Response: The reason you stay within a company is because of the culture. You have to ask yourself, do you fit within the culture? It’s not about being comfortable, it’s about being exposed.

Question: How did the Trump administration trade war affect what you did in BDP?

Response: Everyday it created many meetings and new challenges. For example, China had to spend millions of dollars in tariffs during the previous administration. This affected many companies internationally.