Siemens Healthineers: New Health AI, Non-stop Traveling, and the Key to Success

Terry Talbot, Senior VP of Strategy and Business Development from Siemens Healthineers headquartered in Germany, kicked off our first speaker meeting with new healthcare innovations, his experience with travelling, and the key to success in international business. Here are some interesting tidbits and key takeaways from Mr. Talbot:

  • Siemens Healthineers is working on an AI technology that can evaluate a large number of images from an MRI and identify the one(s) with abnormalities. The technology doesn't diagnose symptoms, but speeds up and provides consistency to repetitive analytical processes.
  • Mr. Talbot has traveled 6+ days per week for work for the past 35 years. There are international business positions that have you work in an office, however. His advice is to choose your own path. Understand what you want your career to look like and work towards that.









  • - Determination is key. Mr. Talbot graduated during a recession and jobs were scarce. He persisted with various jobs—doorman and cemetery lawnmower, to name a few— in order to find himself a career and after a lot of hard work, he found it. Never give up.
  • - You should learn a second language. Mr. Talbot speaks conversational German and it has helped him a lot during company meetings.

"Go and learn! It will make you more valuable to a company. Make you a little more portable."