February 2, 2017

Student Testimonials 2


“The Fox School of Business and the International Business Program have provided me the skills and knowledge I need to start my career. The faculty is world class, and the Fox offers so many resources for students that are beneficial for professional and personal development. Student professional organizations, like the International Business Association, are great ways to network with other students and employers and being a member in one of these organizations is a great resume builder. Additionally, the Center for Professional Development provides you al l the direction a student would need in order to land a job. I am grateful I chose Fox and International Business, and I am confident I will find success in my career because of the things I learned in Alter Hall.”

J. Kopchuk

KPMG, December 2017


“My IB experience has been extremely rewarding and is something that has prepared me more than I could have ever imagined for my future. I can walk away from my IB classes knowing that I am ready for whatever the world and my career demands of me. I had amazing professors (especially Dr. G) and classmates that I was able to learn so much from. The real-world experience, knowledge and skills gained from the IB courses at Temple are what prepared me for my job search and interview process as well. If I could recommend something to every Temple student, it would be to study abroad. It is an experience like no other and something you will remember for the rest of your life. I am so proud to be a Temple IB Program graduate and will forever be in gratitude for the wonderful four years that I have had.”

K. Gallivan

Johnson & Johnson, May 2017


“The International Business Program at Temple helped me greatly in preparing for a post graduate position. The IB Capstone gives you the opportunity to do a consulting and research project for a real company who is looking to expand into new markets. This was great experience which helped me gain real world experience. The entire IB curriculum consists of many research projects which help you learn about different markets and the culture of different parts of the world. With the help of the award-winning faculty and staff and the International Business Association, I was able to network with many local professionals in the IB industry. This helped me secure an internship and also a post-graduation position. The International Business program was the perfect place for me and I am looking forward to see how it will grow in the future.”

M. Angiolillo

BDP International, May 2017


The International Business program has provided me with the opportunity to develop my strategic thinking skills and allowed for a practical real world approach to prepare for the work environment after graduation. The Fox School has allowed for multiple networking events, panelist and speakers to maximize my potential outreach of connections when applying for jobs post-graduation. I would not have received such an amazing opportunity at a first job without the IB program and the Fox School.

K. Beauchamp

BDP International Inc., May 2017


“Going through the IB program at Temple has been the hardest challenge and my biggest accomplishment to date. It has challenged and forced me to grow and adapt in unimaginable ways. I have learned to think critically, practically, and with myriad perspectives. Without this experience, I would not have grown and evolved as much as I have as a person and a professional. I would like to thank the Fox School of Business, the International Business Program, and especially Dr. Bertrand Guillotin for accepting me, teaching me, and preparing me for life after. I look forward to giving back as much as I have been given.”

K. Yu

Omnicom Media Group Subsidiary, May 2017


“The Fox School of Business, Temple University, and the International Business Program have given me the tools to not only become a global leader, but to be the change I want to see in the world. I have been given the tools to transform myself into the next generation of business professionals who will work tirelessly to provide results, solve problems and become effective leaders for generations to come. I want to thank the Fox School of Business for giving me a top tier business education in one of the most historic, culturally diverse, and economically booming cities in this country. It is because of the opportunities and access Fox has given me I have secured a full-time position at an international third party logistics company.”

M. Smith

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., August 2017


The Fox School of Business and the International Business Program have provided me with experiences and skills beyond my expectations. The curriculum was challenging, but it taught me what to expect in the real world as a busy executive and how to handle it effectively. The Center for Student Professional Development at Temple frequently offers amazing networking opportunities which contributed significantly to my success in securing a position at Vanguard, in their Retail Services department at their Malvern headquarters. I am very appreciative of my time here and the diversity of the student body which allowed me to learn from a variety of different perspectives. I am also very grateful for my study abroad experience in Oviedo, Spain.

M. Colon

The Vanguard Group, May 2017


The IB program at Temple gave me the skills and knowledge I need in order to be successful in my fields. The wide curriculum covering various areas not just of business but of the world have allowed me to obtain my job and begin the first step in my career. The program pushed me to think differently, think creatively, and think outside the box. CSPD hosting their networking events and Mock Interviews hosted by the Temple Careers Center were especially helpful in refining my abilities to interview and search.

N. Horton

The Vanguard Group, May 2017