February 2, 2017

Student Testimonials


“I am thankful for the IB curriculum at Fox for providing me with effective communication and critical thinking skills through rigorous research projects and presentations. Without them, I would not have been able to so easily build a relationship with my boss during my interview, nor would I have been able to converse with him so freely. Furthermore, I’d like to thank Dr. G for giving us the opportunity to present negotiation how-to’s for extra credit in Global Entrepreneurship (IB 3596), as I was able to explain my presentation and impress my employer with it. It was spot-on with the Contracts position I was interviewing for! My employer was also particularly interested in my IB major and foreign language skills, as he often handles international sales.

Ms. Brook A. Gambone

Lockheed Martin , Contracts Negotiator, December 2016


“I am an International Business Major with a concentration in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Transportation. I will be graduating December 2016 and have recently accepted a position for BDP International as an Export Logistics Coordinator for its Air Freight team. Temple’s IB Program has given me the skills not only to perform in a new profession but for every step of the way until that role becomes mine. I have learned how to look for jobs, how to evaluate those that are the closest matched to me, and even how to prepare in order to get those that I like. I learned different skills with each course I took and these skills and my preparation are what landed me a great foot in the door into my field of study. I am so grateful for everything this program has pushed me to achieve, without the IB program and all it had to offer I would not be where I am today.

Ms. Egzona Rexha

BDP International, Export Logistics Coordinator, December 2016


“The IB program offered me an education focused on being able to assess and evaluate different situations in economics and business. It prepared me for the job market by giving me the necessary tools to succeed. These tools include analytical skills, research experience, and economic understanding. The major combined with the IB SPO gave me a very good idea of what direction I wanted to take with my career. Being exposed to so many aspects
of business helped me greatly.

Mr. Ari Levine

Vanguard, Processing Associate, December 2016


“My experience as an International Business major at the Fox School of Business has no doubt shaped me into a better individual. Through various key courses and projects, I’ve learned how to effectively apply business concepts and applications, work in a team, network, speak in public, and present myself professionally. I was able to use these skills to land several interviews and job offers. I am currently working at Cigna as part of the Social Center of Excellence team, an experience beyond my expectations. My academic foundation, combined with my strong international business knowledge provided to me through the IB program, has prepared me to enter the professional world confidently.”

Ms. Anh Nguyen

Cigna, Social Media Marketing Specialist, May 2016


“The IB program at Temple University has molded my critical thinking skills to resolve issues and evaluate decisions that multinational companies encounter. The courses taken during my academic career provided integrative lessons that teach you how to properly analyze situations. Also with the guidance of the CSPD office in perfecting my resume, career fairs, and FoxNet; I would not have been able to execute effectively during my interview process.”

Ms. Rania Alcindor

Aramark, Healthcare Manager, May 2016


“The International Business curriculum at the Fox School of Business is revolutionizing the way business is being taught. By that, I mean that, the program is so hands on that I feel as though I was able to really get into what it means to do business overseas. We were given a number of domestic and international client projects where we were expected to come up with real business solutions that could evoke real change in a firm’s trajectory. The professors who teach this program as thoughtful and really care about what they do. Without the support and motivation from them to think harder, to do more analysis, and to remain innovative, I do not know how well my job search would have gone. Because I am a Fox School International Business graduate, I was able to land a full time offer with the Clorox Company (an international company) as a Sales Analyst for their Kroger Team. Thank You!”

Mr. Asante Abdullah

The Clorox Company, Sales Analyst, May 2016


“My degree in International Business and Accounting has placed me on a fantastic trajectory to reach my career goals. The Fox School of Business adequately prepared me for the workforce through both the resume value-add of the school and the coursework that I went through. I’ll be working at PwC in McLean, VA, in their U.S. International Tax practice, and I couldn’t have landed a more perfect job. I owe a ton of this to Fox, where I was pushed to think critically and truly discover what it means to be Temple Made. I’m proud to wear the cherry and white and pursue my career with Temple University as my alma mater.”

Mr. Texas Williams

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, International Tax Associate, May 2016