“Take every opportunity you get, even if it’s something you don’t have interest in you have to make the best of it” – Elisabeth Calise

Elizabeth Calise graduated from Fox School of Business in December 2015 with an International Business and MIS B.B.A, she has been working full time for Lockheed Martin since 2016 and now manages IT projects across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for the company. She really enjoyed IT from an early age and interned in cybersecurity with Lockheed while in undergrad, she eventually got into a leadership rotational program that would have her go in between three different positions in the company and eventually lead to a full-time position. As a student, she also got a green belt in lean six sigma, which allowed her to host events to help companies increase their savings, decrease costs, and increase efficiency.

Through all these achievements, Elisabeth knew she wanted to move and do global IT so she set her mind to it and did everything she could to get herself closer to that goal. To her, that meant networking through all of her rotations and letting people know that she wanted to work in international IT. It eventually paid off when a role opened up in 2018 and she got a position in Norway where she is based now. It took four years to get to where she is and some of that has to be attributed to being an agile coach, which she suggests for students interested in IT like she was, that is, a person responsible for creating and improving agile processes within a team or a company.

Since graduating, she found out roles require knowledge and certain experience she wasn’t aware of right out of college so her last advice to students today is to “take every opportunity you get, even if it’s something you don’t have internet in you have to make the best of it”



Question: How did you adapt so quickly to your job overseas?

Response: Networking and asking people around me for tips and help when needed.


Question: General Networking Tips?

Response: It Takes time, try to not be as nervous and put yourself out there and prepare ahead of time. 


Question: What International roles are most prevalent in 2021? As a student looking into international studies what field do you see growing the most internationally? 

Response: Need to find new ways remotely to find international studies. Globally IT is growing pretty fast in the business world. There are not enough people learning cybersecurity, IT can be a secure job. 


Question: How important are certifications? 

Response: Certifications are very important. Certifications can help you get the job you want. Recruiters will hire the person most certified, most of the time.